When you are considering a purchase of Clearwater condominiums sometimes called Clearwater condos you need to seriously consider hiring a real estate agent to assist you in your search and purchase process. The purchase of a condominium is a much more difficult process than purchasing a single family home. There are many pitfalls when considering the condos Clearwater has to offer. It can be a problem for condos in Clearwater for sale that hey have issues with their home owners associations and unlike Clearwater homes and single family homes Clearwater sellers are advertising the condo Clearwater Florida advertises for sale might have considerable shortfalls on their HOA fees or deferred maintenance. There are some Condominiums Clearwater Florida has the cannot be financed by a traditional mortgage. You need an agent with a substantial knowledge of the market for Condominium Clearwater Florida and the many different types of  Clearwater Condominium that can be purchased. Your Clear water real estate agent should be aware of the association rules for any Clearwater realestate you are considering. There are also Clearwater Florida condos with lots of very strict rules regarding rental and even on who can stay in your condo unit. Some Condos Clearwater Florida that restrict pets. Be careful if you have pets, especially larger dogs. Many Clearwater Florida condos don't allow pets at all or only allow one small dog or cat. Make sure before you spend a lot of time looking for a home in Clearwater that you start Clearwater home sale process with hiring a qualified Clearwater realtor that can help you make the right decision on your Condo purchase.  If you need to sell Clearwater home or properties you should call us for a free home valuation by our broker. He can evaluate the market conditions effecting the sale of your Clearwater Florida house or condominium.